D I C O M     V R

A New Way of Viewing Volumetric Medical Imaging and Planning Targeted Radiation Treatment in Virtual Reality

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About us

Chris Williams (medical physicist) and Kos Kovtun (radiation oncologist) work at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Dana Farber Cancer Institute. They are developing DICOM VR because of fundamental need to work with the increasing complexity of volumetric medical imaging.

This work has recently been funded by a Brigham Research Institute Shark Tank grant.

Volumetric imaging, such as CT or MRI, is an integral part of medicine but is currently restricted to displaying 3D information on a 2D screen. Limitations of this include difficulty in defining non-coplanar anatomy, inaccuracy in contouring due to interpolation and an increasing need for users to mentally create 3D models as treatments become more complex and non-coplanar.

Leveraging newly available virtual reality hardware, we are developing a system that enables clinicians to intuitively view and manipulate medical images in a 3D virtual reality environment to improve the speed, safety, and precision of image-guided cancer treatments.

An Introduction to Viewing Medical Imaging